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Illimani Trek and Optional Ascent

La Paz - Tutural Pampa - Mina Susana - Puente Roto - Ascent of Illimani

Description: An altitude trek in the Real Mountain range skirting Illimani, the best-known peak in Bolivia and the emblematic summit of La Paz. A remote and highly rewarding adventure.

Day 1. La Paz - Tutural Pampa

Difficulty: An altitude trek, with 5 to 7 hours trekking per day.

Departure from La Paz in private transport to the village of Ventilla and later on to the village of Tutural Pampa (2h30) Here our trek begins at almost 4300 meters. Ascent to the foothills of the Mururata Glacier (5000m) before descending to the village of Tutural Pampa (6/7h trek). Set up camp. Note: All bags will be carried by llamas or mules.

Day 2. Tutural Pampa - Mina Susana

After breakfast, an ascent through the foothills of Illimani until a pass located at approximately 4800 meters is reahed. Descent and camping at 4400 meters in the proximities of an old abandoned mine shaft. (5/6h trek) Set up camp.

Day 3. Mina Susana - Puente Roto

We will continue today along an old path to the mine shaft that is on the west face of Illimani. The glacier is now very near. After approximately 5 hours trekking, we will reach the base camp at Puente Roto (4550m) This is the starting point for the ascent of Illimani (or optional return to La Paz). Set up camp.

Day 4. Ascent of Illimani (5450m)

Grade II/AD, Max 50º - with mountain guide.

Equipment check. From Puente Roto, the ascent to the snow-bound Nido de Cóndores (Condors Nest - 5450m). Approximately 5 hours trekking up a shaly, steep hillside.
Set up camp..Note : team of porters + cook for the two day climb.

Day 5. Ascent of Illimani (6450m)

Very early in the morning we begin our tentative ascent to the summit (approximately 7hours) A 4 hour descent to Nido de Cóndores or, depending on the time, we will continue to the base camp at Puente Roto. Set up camp.

Day 6. Puente Roto - Pinaya - La Paz

Descent to the community of Pinaya. Return to La Paz in private transport.